They tell me I'm crazy...

...but you told me I'm golden.

31 July
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glamorous indie rock & roll
is what i want
it's in my soul it's what i need

Hello and welcome to my profile~!
I appreciate your visit. ♥
I'm just going to simplify this so your eyes don't bleed and you don't have to read a large wall of text. It's bad enough you're taking time out of your day to read this already.

I'm Chibiplz (also known as boruframu), my name is Kate, but most address me as Chibi.
Call me anything but late for dinner.
I am a Leo born in the year of the Ram.

I enjoy: Drawing, hearts, roses, hugs, chicken alfredo, nerds candy, cheddar and sour cream chips, raspberry iced tea, pink, vast vocabularies, strawberries, strawberry shortcakes, indie music, photos, reminiscing, nostalgia, smiling, dancing, cooking, singing, cosplaying, Gaiaonline, sewing, languages, graphic design, strawberries

My fandoms include...
Axis Powers Hetalia . Kyo Kara Maoh . Left 4 Dead . Ouran High School Host Club . Full Metal Alchemist . Code Geass . Kuroshitsuji . Fruits Basket . Pirates of The Caribbean . Repo! The Genetic Opera . Phantom of The Opera . Rocky Horror Picture Show . Running With Scissors . Doctor Who . Phoenix Wright . Durarara!! . Hanna is Not A Boy's Name . Team Fortress 2 . Inglourious Basterds

My otps are Sweden/Finland & Conrad/Yuuri
I also like: Russia/America, France/England, France/Canada, Prussia/Hungary, Germany/France, Russia/France(APH), Yuuri/Wolfram, Conrad/Julia, Conrad/Yozak(KKM), Graverobber/Shilo(Repo!), Jack/James, James/Elizabeth(POTC), Raoul/Christine(POTO), Tamaki/Haruhi, Kyouya/Tamaki, Hikaru/Haruhi (OHSHC), Shigure/Akito, Kyou/Tohru, Hatsuharu/Yuki(Fruits Basket), Gino/Suzaku, Lelouch/Shirley, Lelouch/C.C.(Code Geass), Ellis/Zoey, Nick/Ellis (L4D1/2), Shinra/Celty (DRRR!!), Conrad/Toni (HiNABN)